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These data suggest that existing models do not adequately describe thermalization and capture of neutrons for hydrous rock samples.

Calculated Cl production rates integrated over the last ∼15,500 cal yr between latitudes of 46.5° and 51°N.

To control electron multiplier gain in the Th measurements the MOSS (Be Inhouse) standard is used and for gain calibration for U measurements we take the NIST U 050 standard.

U /Th-samples from the Tschirgant rockslide U /Th-samples from the Pfitsch rockslide 36Cl-surface exposure ages will be determined from samples taken from sliding planes at the scarp area and/or from huge rockslide boulders at the accumulation area.

U/Th-age-dating of cemented portions of rockslides by the U-Th method thus represents a new, hitherto unexploited source for proxy age determination of catastrophic mass failures.

Find out more about sending content to Google Drive.If there are any fine-silt sized clastic lake sediments or sandy backwater sediments, deposited during the phase of river damming through the rock slide, OSL dating of this sands may be feasible.A physical property of silicate minerals (e.g., quartz & feldspar) is the weak emission of light when the minerals are exposed to an external energy source.The calculated total production rates due to calcium and potassium are 91±5 atoms for samples with low water content (1–2 wt.%).Neutron absorption by serpentinized harzburgite samples of the same exposure age, having higher water content (8–12 wt.%), is ∼40% greater relative to that for dry samples.

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