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This is why you must have control of all your media in order to pull off the subterfuge.

Even under strict control of photography and make-up techniciansthe replication will often differusually in reversal of character habits or muscle actionsi.e., there will be a reversal of a lop-sided smilethusly, talking out of the other side of the face, so to speak.

Ah ye who feel smug as ye cast down your brother and neighbor had best bend in pleading for forgiveness of that one you damage for the Truth is at hand and ye shall reap that which ye sow.You see, I, Hatonn, care not in the least whether or not you believe me nor if you understand the mechanism by which it works.You are willing victims of the lie and YOU will awaken or sleep onit is up to you.You react like obedient puppets and cast stones at the Truth-bringers and bow unto the puppet-master who just insured your allegiance to his continued evil projections.All you really have to do is listen to what those so-called teachers of Christ and God tell you about the ten commandments laid forth as Laws.

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