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Since that is not the case with the name Rameses, no editorial updating has occurred and therefore it must be a contemporary name.the earlier name with the later name in the majority of cases.Exod 2 then relates the birth of Moses during the time of the ban on male babies.At age 40 (Acts ), Moses fled to Midian where he stayed for a “long period” (Exod ), during which time “the king of Egypt died” (Exod ) and those seeking Moses’ life died (Exod ).After Moses’ return from Midian, the exodus occurred when Moses was 80 years old (Exod 7:7).If one wishes to follow the 13th-century model and argue that the Israelites built a city prior to the construction of Rameses II’s capital, then the proponents of the model will have to admit that the name Rameses is used proleptically in Exod , since the building of the store cities in Exod had to have occurred over a century prior to the beginning of the construction of Rameses II’s delta capital. 1270 BC and clearly was used proleptically in Gen and Exod .Day Observed | Jan 23 – Foreign Language Mid-Term Review | Jan 24 – Foreign Language Mid-Term Exam | Jan 24 – Jr./Sr.High Mid-Term Review | Jan 24 – End of Quarter 2 | Jan 25-26 – Jr./Sr. High Report Cards sent home with students | November 17th – Report Cards Send Home | November 20th – 24th – Thanksgiving Break | November 20th – Parent Teacher Conferences| November 27th – School Resumes | November 30th – K-3rd Christmas Concert pm | December 5th – 4th – 6th Christmas Concert pm| December 15th – Progress Reports Sent Home | December 19th – Half Day Dismissal at | December 19th-Jan 2nd – Christmas Break| January 3rd – School Resumes | January 15th – No School Martin Luther King Day | January 26th – End of 2nd Quarter | Tours of the Jr./Sr. High School Tour Schedule for 2017-2018 – All Tours are on Wednesday at 10am November 15th December 13th January 17th February 14th March 14th April 18th May 16th Tours fill up quickly, so signup early.

If one chooses to utilize the LXX reading of 1 Kgs 6:1, the exodus still falls in the 15th century BC, not the 13th century. He is correct in saying that scholars who have abandoned the 13th century date have embraced a non-historic interpretation of the exodus-conquest narrative.

A close reading of the context of Exod makes it clear that the 13th-century model is incompatible with the Biblical narrative.

Hoffmeier believes that Hebrew slaves were involved in the construction of the new capital of Rameses II beginning ca. It is not feasible to fit the events of Exod – in a three-year timespan.

A number of examples where the time of the name change can be reasonably ascertained are listed in Table 1 below.

It is seen that the number of name replacements far outweigh the cases where the earlier and later names occur together, 26 to 8.

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