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And the number that end up walking down the line I can count on one hand.

Just for fun, I’ve compiled a list of various co-stars who have admitted to publicly dating in the last decade.

In the end, it’s their lives, and I’m just a happy viewer of their acting projects, wishing every one of them happiness with whomever they end up with.

Park Si-Yeon is a popular South Korean actress and model.

Korean actor Kang Ji-hwan has denied recent rumors that he has been dating actress Jang Hee-jin for a year, according to his agency on Friday."There has been a lot of inquiries from reporters but it is not true," an official at his agency said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily today.

In 2010, Park Si-Yeon played the lead female role in the SBS drama "Coffee House".What we all hope for is that all our favorite shippy couples end up like Eugene and Ki Tae Young.Onscreen chemistry: middling (great from him, okay from her – likely due to the acting ability disparity between them since Lee Byung Hun is just a much much better actor than Song Hye Kyo when they filmed All In).BUT even if I don't agree with the ways laws can damage a person..is in those that practice Law that are really accountable for such enforcement.So Ko is very lucky I did not finish Law School yet..many countries should be..when I in do... Park and her family to know her rights and who is legibility of defending her...because this matter affects her whole family..child especially..the way many netizens are cut throat before thought process about such matters.

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