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Margaret never speaks a word, and was meant to only be in one episode.

The casting department loved the way Surface portrayed Margaret's creepy demeanor, and kept her as a recurring cast member.

The kids attack those hotdogs at the fair like they hadn't been fed in a week - a commonly seen action in scenes like that in those days...which denotes what would later on simply be referred to as "fun food" rather than actually (over)acted out as "fun" food.

RCG decided to add hidden messages at the end of each episode.

The film then shows three options, for each opportunity, ending with what it deems the most successful.

As Woody prepares for his date, his mother and father reflect on their own first dates to remind Woody how important it is for him to show up on time.

Mc Elhenny was inspired by this, and wrote Liam, Ryan, and Margaret Mc Poyle as background characters.

Thesy Surface, who plays Margaret Mcpoyle, undergoes intense makeup before she films her scenes.

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