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The two giant black cleaners entered the priest's vestry.

Jane, the young wife, who had moments before been violently sodomised by the cruel priest, stood frozen to the spot, terrified at how events were spiralling out of control.

I had noticed that she was ill-treating her driver Lungu, in public, insulting him, calling him names and sometimes slapping him too! I quietly put my hands below her silk skirt and touched her mammoth muscular hips hidden in panties and slowly peeled them down. J helped me by wriggling her body, swaying her queen-sized boobs in front and Football- sized buttocks below.

One day in rainy season, I received a visitor called Ms. While I was gazing at her, black half-revealed watermelon sized boobs as she sipped a drink and explained her reason for visit, there was a power breakdown and it became completely dark. As I searched for candle and matchsticks, I was aware of Ms. As matchsticks were not to be found, I suggested we try our neighbor Mrs. As we walked outside in pitch darkness, Ms J innocently held on to my hands and my body temperature rose, esp. As we approached her house, we were aware of a faint light from her window curtains . Arrogantly, I touched her boobs in front, squeezing each breast ball in two hands at a time.

She had a black Jag car driven by a black native driver called Rod Lungu. In front of her was Rod Lungu, her driver clad only in his jocks. She continued to eat his black 9 in long cock deep in her mouth, moaning, groaning like "UMMMMm.. By now I was unbearably lusty and moved quietly behind Ms J and started rubbing myself all over her wildly.

We used to share a "Hi-Hello" relationship and many a times, she had called me over, but I hadn't entered her house yet. She was moaning too and was feeling sexual heat of my burning cock rubbing on her well-built black bums.

magazine that no matter what she will always be part of the director's life - and their new partners have to accept that: 'I’m the mother of those children.

Even when I had an interest in men, I let them know: This relationship is immovable.''Don’t try to compete with it; don’t get upset about it.

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These men were going to take what they wanted, regardless of what his poor wife had to say.Too terrified to do anything to prevent the inevitable rape of his young wife, he watched intently as events unfolded. Tyrone and Jerome now entered the room and Father Ambrose locked the door.They were both in their late 30s, of similar build and height to Father Ambrose, around 6ft 6 tall and were built like a shed.Their muscles rippled through their tight overalls.It could have been a basket ball team reunion, Peter mused to himself, such were their size and build. Without any prompting, they both swaggered their way towards poor Jane, eyeing her up, looking at her tight petit married body, wondering whether such a small delicate thing could handle their cocks and the gang bang they were about to inflict upon her.

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