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I want to be the sole source of his sexual pleasure.I have heard women online say that putting their husbands in chastity is the best thing they ever did, and that their husbands are so much more loving, romantic, and attentive..So scrub up, snap on the gloves and put on your gown. When I found PUA back when I was 19 back in 2005, it was like learning Santa Claus wasn’t real. I was never a social butterfly, so I never really gave much notice to the people around me or who they dated, it was just okay, “A is going out with B, big deal.” Wasn’t any of my business back then and I had enough problems of my own. But deep down I had faith that good people chose their partners simply because they liked them for who they were, or they were honestly attracted to them, no tricks or anything required. some kooky internet crap akin to Alex Chiu’s claims of giving you eternal life or the dollar bill being a lizard people prophecy of the Mayans, I refer you back to Ross Jeffries’ “Speed Seduction” method.but then I simply resigned myself to maybe this talk of nice guys being shafted is correct.This same goth kid was the type who would tell the black kids they needed to be lynched to their faces, and would “joke” about anti-Semitism around actual Jewish kids around him.Shockingly, girls do occasionally date shitty edgelords.I've been reading about it for months, and I'm ready to talk to my husband.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized this kind of stuff was incredibly common.

I'm seriously considering making my husband wear one.

I'm not talking about a chastity belt, but a discrete chastity device - a small metal cage which covers the head of the penis to prevent masturbation.

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